Ecclesiastes 3:1
Everything on earth has its own time and its own season (CEV).
This verse means there is a pretty difference between time and season.
In time, nothing supernatural happens. It is in season that supernatural events happen. Time is a fallen thing. Seasons are marked by special supernatural events. Season is the special length of time Given by God to you!
There is a difference between your time and your season! In time, nothing supernatural happens, In season is when God intervenes. The supernatural is normal when somebody is in his season.
The requisite to entering your season is Purpose. You need to know your purpose! This is because, every purpose is connected with your season, and your season is connect with your purpose!
To know when it is your season, when it is your season, you will be in demand, when you are in your season people will call you. When you are in your season, the FAVOUR of God will be upon you and Doors that you tried to open that never opened, when it is your season, DOORS will be open!
It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to enter into your season. What matters is you need to be prepared!
When you go from Africa to Antarctica, you prepare for the cold season because it is hot right now in Africa but Winter somewhere else. So you are prepared for the season, you are prepared for that weather!
Jesus’ time on the earth was 30 years but the season was only 3 and half years and that 3 and half years, JUST ONE SEASON OF HIS LIFE CHANGED THE WORLD!
There may be many seasons for your life but, we just need one Season to Change the world! Only one season of your life can Change the entire world! Glory Halleluyah!

Pastor Emmanuel Osei AkotoBy: Pastor Emmanuel Osei Akoto
Handles: | /@Emmaeoakoto


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