After Easter! Who and where are you?

The Commission to go to all the world and the preach the Gospel to every creature after Easter has been less of a focus for many individual Christians. Instead of our fire for evangelism and preaching the Gospel being aglow, we seem to be quenched in fire or zeal for the preaching of the Gospel, slithering back to work places as though it was an event alone that took place in Easter. Jesus didn’t die to protect a religion but to produce new life(Zoe) in those who shall believe.

… And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? Romans 10:14

Jesus in the commission appointed every Christian(born again) as a preacher of the Good news of the saving Grace, the death burial and resurrection of the lord Jesus. Where do we fit in this?

Christianity is not an idle life. It is a going life. This means, the Christian is always on-the-go. Being idle only exposes our ignorance of the urgency of the commission and the dreaded day of the Lord’s wrath that is set to be unbearable for those who shall not believe. It is therefore our solemn but urgent responsibility to release the Gospel to the dying world who do not know the Master, Messiah and Merciful Jesus Christ who is the propitiation for the sins of all mankind.
Jesus said Go ye, … Mark 16:15, and not come ye or stay ye and i will bring those who shall believe to you. This is the sorry act of many individual Christians and certain churches as well.

It is time to repent from idle and one-man alone Christian walk with the Lord and to walk in the light of who Christ’s commission has made us; bringing many to the knowledge of the saving Grace of the Lord Jesus. The Commission to us has made us able preachers of the Gospel. Walk in this light!

Pastor Emmanuel Osei AkotoBy: Pastor Emmanuel Osei Akoto
Handles: | /@Emmaeoakoto



    1. This is of a certainty Gregory. We bless the Lord that this message has got to you and others like you. We charge you and urge you on to preach and not relent on preaching God’s word of His Grace and His Gospel to a this chaotic and dying world. Help us share it around. Copy and paste this link: ” ” everywhere on social media which will help everyone see this.


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